Our promise to you

For our children

We will protect them and keep them secure, safe and healthy. We will recognise and respect each of them as individuals irrespective of gender, race, religion, ability or disability.

We will provide a warm, friendly, happy, caring environment in which each one will be invigorated, stimulated and encouraged through play to communicate, thrive and grow physically, personally and emotionally.

Days will be fun and varied where talents and abilities will be nurtured and guided. There will be laughs to enjoy and tears to comfort but all along the way we will be there to care…and tidy up afterwards!

For our parents and carers

You will be encouraged to be a key active member of our partnership in the development of our children.

We will provide an excellent, child centred standard of nursery care and education for your children where each child is recognised as being unique and no one is left behind.

Our setting will be managed and supported by fully qualified staff, dedicated to individual children and parents, and will provide on demand communication.

Learning will be based on positive relationships, investigation and creativity. We will consistently be flexible in meeting your needs and the needs of your children.

We will provide learning standards consistent with EYFS guidelines designed to maximise the individuality of the children and provide confidence not only to the children but to yourselves for their future. We will provide healthy, nutritious food.

A secure foundation for your children.