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Who are we?

Buttons Nursery is an independent, pre-school private day nursery in Washington established 22 years ago. We have an outstanding reputation with children, parents, staff and regulatory authorities alike, and our fully vetted, qualified and experienced staff have over 100 combined years experience with the business!

 The nursery aims to create not only a stimulating environment but one which is “home from home” and is a secure, happy place in which to play, learn and grow.

Why choose Buttons?

Why Buttons Daycare?

At Buttons Nursery our promise is to protect your children and keep them secure, safe & healthy. We recognise and respect each of them as individuals, and to provide a warm, friendly, happy, caring environment in which each one will be invigorated, stimulated and encouraged

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our Buttons Families.  Continue to stay safe and keep in touch x

March letter to parents

Dear Parent/Carer,

Well, the doors are closed at our wonderful Nursery but only temporarily – we will fight and beat this virus together and be back before we know it!
The Team and I would like to say a massive and heartfelt thank you to you all. You were so understanding in our decision to close. This wasn’t easy and it wasn’t taken lightly but I know most of you agreed that it was the right thing to do, to try and fight the spread of this virus. You were thinking of not only your own children but also our health and our families.
We carried out a final shutdown on Tuesday and I read out all the well wishes I had received – there are still loads more to share with the girls – but the tears were well and truly flowing! I think at times we can take for granted how much we are actually appreciated.
For our part, we are sad at the uncertainty. How long will we be shut for? When will we see the children again? When can we get back to enjoying the ‘banter’ with our parents and carers? We love what we do – we wouldn’t be there if we didn’t. No two days are the same, but that is great for us. Now we are still wondering what each day will bring but in a very different way. Don’t get me wrong, we will be staying safe with our families and hugging our loved ones but will miss you guys so much as you are our extended family.
Please do not feel that, because we are closed, that is it and you don’t have to keep in touch. I am advising you to KEEP IN TOUCH. Follow us on twitter and check our website. A lot of you have our Nursery email and upload your photos to the Early Excellence app. While the girls can’t do any formal planning, we would love to see what you guys are up to during this time. Please continue to upload photos/videos/ comments and also reach out to us when the going gets tough.
Our care and commitment to you and your child doesn’t just apply when in Nursery, it also applies now. So, send those photos over – let the girls see how their key children are getting on – let me see the connection between parents and carers and staff. Together we can keep this Buttons Community going.
Via twitter and the website, we too will share any ideas/boredom busters or even share what we are doing at home – this can work both ways though, so please tweet us or send ideas via email.
As I said to the girls on Tuesday, this is not ‘Goodbye’, this is ‘Take Care For Now’.
I can’t wait for the day where I send the email and post the announcement to say we are opening again 😊.
Until then, stay safe, appreciate the family time (and don’t forget to keep in touch and post photos). If you do need a new code for your app, just drop me an email buttons_nursery@btconnect.com
Love Michelle and the Buttons Nursery Team xx


Ofsted rated: Good

OfstedRegistered by OFSTED to provide full day care, the nursery provides places for up to 50 children aged between 3 months and 5 years.

We offer full and part time placements with opening hours to suit both the needs of the working parent or carer and those who wish their children to benefit from the advantage of pre-school nursery experience.


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We provide an excellent, child centred standard of nursery care and education for your children, managed and supported by fully qualified staff, dedicated to individual children and parents. Here, positive relationships, investigation and creativity are the foundation to learning.

Take a look at some of our photos……and check out our twitter feed below for recent activity


Meet the team

Each member of the team is dedicated to the development of the children and play a full part in the running of the nursery. The allocation of key people develops bonding with your children and point of contact for parents or carers. 

Michelle Barr

Director & Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Lilian Douglas

Deputy Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Our Promise

At Buttons Nusery, our promise is to protect your children and keep them secure, safe & healthy. We recognise and respect each of them as individuals, and to provide a warm, friendly, happy, caring environment in which each one will be invigorated, stimulated and encouraged.

We’re flexible in meeting your needs and those of your children and we provide learning standards designed to maximise the individuality of the children. Our food is all healthy and nutritious. Buttons Nursery is a secure foundation for your children.

"Thank You for working so hard with my son. His speech has come on a lot since starting Nursery"
"Buttons hands-on fun learning and their encouragement and kindness has given my daughter much more confidence to make the transition to school"
"A massive thank you to everyone at Buttons. My son has turned into a level, all rounded, sociable five year old and the guidance he's been given at Buttons has played a big part of that."


Get in touch

If you have any questions or comments about Buttons Day Nursery we’d be more than happy to discuss them with you. You can use the info below to get in touch.