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About Buttons Nursery

Buttons Nursery is a successful, independent, pre-school private day nursery which has been established in Stephenson Industrial Estate, Washington for some 27 years.

Taken into new ownership in December 2013, it is now owned by the Barr family all of whom are committed, dedicated  and passionate in providing ongoing excellence in daycare for your children. Whilst the family can be regularly seen doing this that or the other around the nursery, the day by day direction and management is led by Michelle Barr whose training, qualifications, experience, leadership and personality have established an outstanding reputation with children, parents, staff and regulatory authorities alike.

Indeed it is as a result of Michelle’s attitude, approach and standards that places in the setting continually are in high demand.

Learning at Buttons

The learning process in preparation for school and for future development is at the core of Buttons Nursery objectives. To this end the setting complies fully with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Through this the nursery will deliver on the safety and welfare of the children, the learning and development programme, the early learning goals, the assessments against progress and the communication with parents and carers.

Learning will be promoted through active engagement in exploring, solving problems, self-expression and beginning to understand the nature of social interaction. Generally the activities are geared towards encouraging early progress in conceptual development i.e. understanding number, sequence, size, shape, colour, space and time.

Our toys and equipment are carefully chosen to encourage children through each stage of their development.

Naturally, in the early stages, the emphasis is on free play experiences and experimental learning.

Healthy Eating

Together with healthy outdoor activities, healthy eating is part and parcel of the Buttons philosophy. All children benefit from a full menu service prepared in a fully kitted out, modern  kitchen run by a dedicated chef with a 5 star health rating.


Registered by OFSTED to provide full day care, the nursery provides places for up to 50 children aged between 3 months and 5 years. Full and part time placements are offered and opening hours are intended to meet both the needs of the working parent or carer and those who wish their children to benefit from the advantage of pre-school nursery experience.

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