Eat right be bright

Buttons Nursery is rated 5 star for food preparation and provides your children with well balanced nutritious menus. Meals are freshly prepared on a daily basis by our cook, Marie, in our modern kitchen and we promise parents that the children are offered their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

Staff pay particular attention to the children’s likes and dislikes and advise parents and carers of their child’s eating activity.

We do not serve any processed convenience foods nor do we serve any squash to drink.

The younger babies have a separate menu. Weaning starts with freshly prepared vegetable and fruit purees with the gradual introduction to meat, fish and other textures. By the time the babies are a year old, we aim for them to be eating the same food as the rest of the nursery. Prior to being able to take solid foods we do expect parents of young babies to provide the nursery with the type of bottle feed which the baby is accustomed to or any commercial weaning products which they wish to use. Made up to the required mix.

Wherever possible, individual needs such as religion, special dietary requirements or food allergies will be catered for.

Menus are available upon request.

Sample Menu